Infinity Collection

"My Infinity Collection tells a story about victims of KD. It is a presentation
communicating volumes that helps through my work to sustain our awareness
strategies that aim to prevent complications in adult life. I chose the theme to be
white as it symbolizes pureness and innocence, as well as reconnecting with lost
loves. The examples of deaths at various stages of life all a result of KD due to
mis/late diagnosis."

The collection is a modern body form technology made of laminated sponge Airtex,
providing an ultra-modern lightness and unique comfort with minimum care leaving
more time to apply effort to saving lives.
30% of profits from the sales of this collection will go to Kawasaki Disease UK  to
help with the raising awareness of the classic symptoms promoting self diagnosis in

To find out more about the fight against Kawasaki Disease and to keep up to date with our research and opportunities to help, visit the website here.