Our charity

Our mission is to save lives by promoting prompt diagnosis and raising awareness of the classic symptoms of an infection that triggers the heart disease, the leading cause of paediatric heart conditions in the developing world.

The fund aims to raise money and awareness about Kawasaki Disease, which mainly affects children younger than five-years-old with symptoms including fevers, eyeinfections and rashes.


The founder is passionate about fighting the disease after doctors repeatedly failed to spot the symptoms in her daughter Nadia when she was only seven months old in 1993.


After a diagnosis and a full recovery three years later, the mother-daughter pair now fight the disease together with events such as the creative workshop.


Dee Izmail said: “People should come along if they have got creative skills they would like to express, it is a great opportunity for an open and professional workshop.”

What do we do?

Founder Dee Izmail and her team work to get a better understanding of KD and spread knowledge through creative Campaigns and Events. Collaborating with potential sponsors in all sectors will help utilise extensive charity workspace in Essex & London with Partners who create new revenue streams and donations for the charity cause.


The team aims to support and gain updated research with specialists and research departments to develop awareness in communities.


Mission: To save lives and promote recovery in those who acquire heart disease (KD).



  • Healthy hearts. Saving lives.

  • Making an impact together through campaigns.

  • Updating research through Medical systems.

  • Empowered parents. Knowledge is our power!


Vision: We want to see more occurrences of early detection of symptoms, and the right treatment before problems occur in adult life. Together we will make it happen.


Support: Parents, medical specialists, sponsors and the general public come together to support Kawasaki Fund’s vision. Every contribution makes a difference.

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Our work helps to sustain our awareness strategies that aim to prevent complications in adult life. We also aim to gain sponsors and build resources for research in the near future. Many children are still being misdiagnosed and suffer due to lack of medical knowledge. Together we can save more hearts!


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